About Vision 5000

The Vision 5000 program is a community fundraising initiative that allows individuals and organisations to demonstrate their support for health and medical research by purchasing a virtual window at SAHMRI.

Join as one of the 5000 global SAHMRI visionaires by registering your vision for a healthier future and making a regular donation ($30 per month) to support your vision. Regular donations are important and help our researchers plan for the future.

Alternatively, individuals may make a single donation of $100 to purchase a virtual window; organisations may make a single donation of $1,000 to purchase a window.

As part of the Vision 5000 program, you can:

  • Explore the virtual website and choose your own unique window to ‘purchase’
  • Select a specific area of research that you would like to support (optional)
  • Personalise your window by sharing your vision for a healthier future and including a photo
  • Visit your window and share it via email and social media with your friends and family
  • Search the windows by areas of support, and search for other friends’ windows.

After purchasing a window, you will receive a tax receipt and a unique certificate for your window.

All donations to SAHMRI over $2.00 are fully tax deductible. Visionaries will receive a tax receipt at the end of the financial year for regular donations.

Everyone who purchases a window will also be invited to visit the SAHMRI facility for a tour.

How much does each window cost?

To become a SAHMRI Visionary, you must make a regular donation to support your vision for a healthier future. The cost to own a Visionary window is $30 per month (or $1 a day!).

Alternatively, windows can be purchased by individuals for $100.00 or by groups and organisations for $1,000.00.

You get to keep your window for five years from the date of purchase and we encourage everyone to personalise their window with their vision, or with a message to a family member, friend or cause close to their heart.

We also gladly accept any additional donations for each window!

How do I become a SAHMRI Visionary

When you purchase a window, you have the choice of becoming a SAHMRI Visionary or making a single donation. SAHMRI Visionaries are committed to the future and inspire others. They understand the promise of research and the role it has and will play in the future. They recognise that quality research costs money and they make regular donations ($30 per month or $1 a day) to help fund their vision.

What's the difference between an individual window and a window for an organisation?

You can purchase windows as an individual or as an organisation. If you’re part of a group of people who would like to chip in and purchase a window, please select the ‘organisation’ option on the payment page.

What’s the difference between blue and gold windows?

Gold windows represent Visionary windows; blue windows represent single donations.

Where does the money from Vision 5000 go?

100% of the funds raised from Vision 5000 will be used to support research at SAHMRI.

Once you purchase a window, you can also choose how you’d like SAHMRI to use your donation. For example, where the funding is needed most, research equipment or to one of our seven research themes, which are:

Aboriginal Health


Heart Health

Healthy Mothers, Babies and Children

Mind and Brain

Infection and Immunity

Nutrition and Metabolism.

After purchasing a window, the dedication box will pop up in the colour representing your chosen theme.

Is buying a window tax-deductible?

Yes, purchasing a virtual SAHMRI window by making a donation through Vision 5000 is tax-deductible for individuals for the purposes of Australian tax law, whether you have bought the window for yourself or for someone else. Businesses should seek their own tax advice.

How long will Vision 5000 last?

When you purchase a window at SAHMRI, your window will remain ‘live’ on our virtual site for five years, and can be renewed after that period of time. Vision 5000 will continue until all windows (15,000+) are ‘sold’ and we run out of renewal options.

How many windows are there?

The SAHMRI facility has more than 15,000 unique windows. There are approximately 5,000 windows on the eastern and western sides of the building and these will be made available first.

Will I own a real SAHMRI window?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Your donation won’t purchase an actual window on our landmark building, but instead will purchase a ‘virtual’ window. In recognition of your donation to Vision 5000, you will receive your own unique window URL, which can be shared with your friends and family.

Can I purchase more than one window?

Yes, you can purchase as many windows as you’d like to. However, please note that each window purchase will be processed as an individual transaction.

How do I visit my window?

Although you can’t physically visit your window, we would like to invite everyone who buys a virtual window at SAHMRI to visit the SAHMRI facility for a tour.

To book your tour, please email windows@sahmri.com and make sure to reference your purchase. We will endeavour to book you in for a tour within three months of your window purchase.

To access your virtual window, please click on the digital link in the confirmation email that is sent to you from SAHMRI once your window is live. Alternatively, you may enter your name in the "search" field in the right hand side of the Vision 5000 homepage.

How do I personalise my window?

When you purchase a window, we encourage you to share your vision for a healthier future. You can buy a window as an individual or in honour of someone as a dedication. To personalise your window, please follow the simple instructions in the payment page. You can also upload a photo to accompany your message.

Please remember when choosing an image or personalising your window that the information will be on public display once the donation process is complete. SAHMRI reserves the right to not to display any offensive or otherwise inappropriate images and writing.

If you upload a photo, please make sure that you have the consent of the person who took the photo. By uploading a photo, you are confirming to SAHMRI that you are authorised to do so and that you permit SAHMRI to display the photo on the virtual window website.

You can also purchase a window and choose to remain anonymous on the site.

When does my window go live?

Your window and vision request will be processed within the next business day and you will receive a follow-up email from SAHMRI with your unique URL once your window is live.

If I buy a window and dedicate it to someone else, should I enter my details or the recipient's details in the payment section?

You should enter your personal details. The tax receipt will then be in your name and the window in the recipient's name.

Who will receive the notification email?

The notification email will be sent to the person who purchased the window, immediately upon completion of the purchase. Once the window is live, a follow up email will be sent to you.

Can I change the image or message once my window purchase process is complete?

No, you will not be able to alter the image or message after buying your window.

However, if you would like us to remove your image or message from the website, please email us at windows@sahmri.com or call us at +61 8 8128 4019.

What will SAHMRI do with my image?

Window content will be publicly displayed only within the context of the Vision 5000 website.

How do I obtain a copy of my tax receipt?

Your tax receipt details will be emailed to you at the completion of your window purchase.

What are the payment methods for Vision 5000?

Donations can be made online using MasterCard, Visa or American Express. If you experience difficulty with your transaction, please call SAHMRI at +61 8 8128 4019 for assistance.

Having trouble with the website or completing your purchase?

Please email us at visionaires@sahmri.com or call us at +61 8 8128 4019.

Use of personal information

SAHMRI will use donors' and any gift recipients' personal information to enable participation in Vision 5000. This will include personal details and images being published on the virtual window as uploaded at the time of donation. For full details, please refer to the Vision 5000 Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.